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Andreas Rex
(Private individual)
Wissmannstr. 80
90411 Nürnberg


This website is intended to take my hobby to the world

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Andreas Rex
(Private individual)
Wissmannstr. 80
90411 Nürnberg

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All information required by operators in different forms data are used for purely technical purposes. A disclosure of personal information to third parties does not occur.

Each time a website or a linked object following access data are stored:

  • is the address (URL) of the web page was requested from the file
  • is the name of the file
  • the date and time of the request
  • the description of the web browser type and operating system used
  • is the IP address of the requesting computer (encrypted)

The IP address of the requesting computer is encrypted in a secure manner so that no conclusions as to the real IP address is possible. So the personal anonymity of visitors to this page remains guaranteed.

The stored data are used exclusively for technical and statistical purposes; a comparison with other data or data disclosed to third parties, even in part, does not take place.

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I would expressly point out that I do not take any responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided by my software or in all articles, manuals, etc. on this page. You have no liability claims against me, which refer to material or immaterial damages caused by use or disuse of my software or the informations provided by articles, manuals, etc., except of demonstrably intentional or grossly negligent.

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